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Mac Pro Early Nehalem Configuring and optimizing.. Desktop Hard Drives Performance and use.. Now i am not particularly worried someone will haul an anchored down Mac Pro out of my home anytime soon but still, this would leave my SWAP file unsecured and possibly vulnerable for someone that has physical access to my Mac correct? My question is, how do i enable it in case i find the same to be the case on my MacBook Air, where i definitely do want it enabled?

Second question, unrelated, the Secure Empty Trash, how does it securely erase the data? A one pass, three pass or seven pass?

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Posted on Apr 20, PM. Apr 21, AM in response to jayv. In response to jayv. You can verify it is on by the following Terminal command:. If there is some specific reason your secure virtual memory remains off, it may be unique to your machine configuration, or other speculative reason.

On the subject of Secure Empty Trash, Apple only offers that erased data is overwritten no iteration suggested with meaningless data. Apr 21, AM. Page content loaded.

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No mention of it being encrypted or it being there are all, maybe swap is disabled somehow? Do i really need it if it is disabled? Good suggestion to use the Apple Feedback, will do that and let you know what they said and so others can use this thread as a reference. While i'm at it i'll also ask more details about the secure empty trash, maybe they know more about that.

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Apr 21, PM. Apr 21, PM in response to xnav In response to xnav.

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I have not knowingly disabled swap. Is not having it a bad thing, should i enable it? Apr 21, PM in response to jayv. My guess is that with that much real OSX doesn't even allocate a swap file unless pushed to it. It's never 'good' to swap.

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Apr 22, PM in response to jayv. I saw in another post today where you stated you were using PGP whole disk encryption.