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Actually I got that somebody have the same problem since the mouse cursor is not invisible in darkground xcode. Many people like set the iTerm2 background to dark, so if we change the image file used by iTerm2 to show the mouse cursor, then our problem can be fixed. Here we go.

How to get Mac Mouse cursor & pointer on Windows 10

Changing size and color of mouse pointer Change default mouse cursor on OSX Mavericks? You can find my articles about Wagtail and Scrapy at AccordBox. Add something around the cursor You can use some 3-party software such as Mouse locator to creates a green crosshair of sorts around the cursor making it easy to identify.

How To Change Your Mouse Cursor (Mac) WORKING 2019 READ DESCRIPTION!

Change system mouse cursor image I like github. Why it still looks so bad in some application After changing the mouse pointer by using Mousecape, I found the cursor looks still bad in iTerm2 app, then I realized that some app such as iTerm2 might use the image of its local file instead of global.

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Ref: Changing size and color of mouse pointer Send Me Message Tell me more about your project and see if I can help you. To work more comfortably, change the way your mouse responds as you move it.

Speed up or slow down your Mac or PC Mouse or Touchpad

A wireless mouse must be connected with your Mac—or a four-button mouse must be plugged into your Mac—to make the changes below. Open Mouse preferences for me.

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  • Tip: As you adjust the sliders, try moving and clicking your mouse to see the effect of your changes. Double-Click: Adjusts how rapidly you must click for your Mac to recognize a double-click. Scrolling if your mouse has a scroll ball or wheel : Adjusts how quickly the pointer moves when you scroll.