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On a more general discussion, does this troubles you anyway? He was basically saying the same thing about the MD5 hash. Maybe it's the same user. The second method won't work with since that hex pattern doesn't exist. I also looked for the method he described in going and searching around a starting offset. Does it trouble me?

No, not really. If it can be cracked it will be. The protection is there to prevent those of us who are just 'mundanes' to be able to skirt the protection. Anyone who's determined will get around the protection. Of course, the legal repercussions of doing so are another matter. I checked in and 8. Actually, I can confirm that the basic concept does apply in and probably in later versions as well.

The reason for this is simple - LV needs to access the source code in order to compile it to machine code. Since the user can't be expected to provide the passwords since, for instance, some of the VIs in the hierarchy were written by someone else LV needs to be able to read the code even without the password. That means that the code itself can't be encrypted. Then, as Shaun mentioned, you get a place in the code where you need to check if the user's password matches the VI's password in order to show the BD and if you patch the LV executable to override that check - voila.

In any case, it should be pointed out that other IDEs don't have password protection for source code, at least not as far as I know. I understand why NI put it there, but it should be clear that it's not something you can rely on if you expect to protect your code from someone determined.

But if this works it basically means that passwords are just a sign that says ' Do not trespass ' Yep. The password can't encrypt the diagram. The whole point is that the diagram is still readable so that it can be recompiled. If you want security, you have to save your VIs without diagrams and give up the ability to recompile for different platforms and different LV versions.

Small claims court is your friend here. Those are your options. Instead of 'leave it at that' I think you meant to say 'fur-geht abou' dit'. My brain tried to process that as German. It didn't go well. My perspective on passworded diagrams is that they are not for the protection of IP - it's more about keeping developers away from code that's fragile or not ready for public consumption. The true protection for source code is, like AQ said, to remove the diagrams altogether. If it's code which needs cross-version compatibility, you're going to need another copy of the code saved into the other LV version anyway, right?

The only thing this truly prevents is ad infinitum cross-version compatibility, but I can justify that as more of safeguard than a restriction. Nope, It affects the users more than NI. Ni are probably more worried that their whole licensing scheme has been compromised since Where does the licensing scheme even remotely touch password security of VIs?

Anything license related is really handled in the LabVIEW kernel itself so not sure what the ability to unlock a password protected VI would do there. Following is not directed at you Shaun but at anyone being high in the arms about the insufficient protection password protected VIs give them to protect their oh so precious IP: Password protection of diagrams is not meant to protect your IP. There exists only one really secure way to protect your IP, and that is to put it in a heavy steel safe, destroy all copies of your idea and dump the safe in the North Pacific above the Mariana Trench.

Save of some alian race with super high tech, nobody will be able to get at those secrets. Chances are however high that someone else has already developed the same idea independently and will go to market with it and earn some money with it. Another slightly less secure means is to hire a whole army of lawyers who will involve anybody into a legal battle who might even just appearing to try to steal that IP, so that they can fight for the rest of their life, robbing them of any time to invest into monetizing the stolen idea. Both of them are highly unpractical and costly! Get over it and accept that password protection of diagrams is only to keep out the nosy.

Holanda / Netherlands

If you do need to protect your IP don't distribute the source at all! Bite the bullet and remove at least the diagram. Yes it's inconvenient as such VIs can only be loaded into the LabVIEW version in which it was created and also only on that platform but anything else means LabVIEW has to be able to get at the diagram somehow without knowing the password or worse yet store the password in the VI somehow too and that also means that anybody with enough determination will be able to circumvent any kind of protection the LabVIEW developers can come up with to prevent others than LabVIEW itself to get at that diagram.

I think the best long term protection in that respect is actually the semi annual release cycle of LabVIEW as it obsoletes any of the more promising hacking solutions each time. I'm not a cryptology at all, zero experience what so ever, but I've often mentioned how not secure the password protection method is despite a few NI employees telling me otherwise. But I'm starting to understand now why it is done the way it is.

I thought that the whole VI should be encrypted, making it impossible to find the MD5 of the password in the file. I now know why NI can't do that. Which would still be pretty secure for passwords 10 characters or greater which aren't susceptible to dictionary attacks. It's a violation of the license agreement indeed, though I doubt a hacker feels much bothered by that.

The other issue is that you need to do disassemble and that is not trivial. Even a very good disassembler takes a few hours to get a raw disassembly for such a huge executable. And then you can sift through million lines of assembly code to find the places where the MD5 hash is checked. And looking at assembly for even a k DLL is already a rather boring job. The fact that every half year a new executable is released makes the task even more hopeless. So while I'm sure there exist hackers who have hacked one or two versions of LabVIEW to that extend they really won't keep on doing that over the years as the gain of this is minimal.

There is very little you can really see from most password protected VIs. Bragging rights don't apply because if someone does that, he might get a cease and desist letter or even worse, signed by the legal department of NI. I have at some point looked at the possibility to simply modify the VI and that seemed just as hopeless.

Especially with VI libraries involved, which contain also a password whose hash is even out in the clear in the library XML code. And those passwords even seem to be interwoven with each other. As to the licensing. After all why should a hacker who doesn't respect intellectual property respect someones privacy? I also don't know what techniques the hackers use to create license generators, but from your explanation it sounds like alot of work went into figuring out how to modify this one version of LabVIEW to open VIs with passwords.

I haven't seen it, but this post leads me to believe that. Even this thread makes me nervous. However not talking about it may give the false sense of security, thinking that LabVIEW is secure when protecting source code. I haven't looked at the details for some time, but from what I saw earlier the license generators you could find were always tied to very specific LabVIEW versions.

And they don't work for NI, as NI has of course the ability to work on the source code directly to circumvent such protection. This means, don't trust your super secret 5 million dollar idea to password secured VIs but also don't expect or require NI to provide such a possibility. It is technically simply not feasable to create a really secure protection without at the same time throwing away the advantage of not having to remove the diagram and making a VI only readable in the specific version and platform it was created in.

If file is deleted from your desired shared host first try checking different host by clicking on another file title. If you still have trouble downloading Ka - Grief Pedigree If no files were found or matches are not what you expected just use our request file feature. Registered users can also use our to download files directly from all file hosts where ka grief pedigree was found on. Just paste the urls you'll find below and we'll download file for you! If file you want to download is multipart you can use our to check whether multiple download links are still active before you start download.

Our goal is to provide high-quality PDF documents, Mobile apps, video, TV streams, music, software or any other files uploaded on shared hosts for free! If you found that any of above ka-grief-pedigree files may have been subject to copyright protection. Please use our page. How to download ka grief pedigree file to my device? Nights Gambit and Grief Pedigree didn't come with liner notes, and years of not wearing earplugs makes it pretty hard for me to pick out lyrics sometimes, especially with folks like Ka.

Hoping the copy i ordered will have em or the nerds on rap genius will transcribe em sometime soon. User avatar tehscott. Click download file button or Copy ka grief pedigree URL which shown in textarea when you clicked file title, and paste it into your browsers address bar. If file is multipart don't forget to check all parts before downloading! In next page click regular or free ka grief pedigree download and wait certain amount of time usually around 30 seconds until download button will appead.

Click it and That's it, you're done amigo! Ka grief pedigree download will begin. This is the thread where we discuss classical music. Just kidding, Tim! We discuss good music instead. I'm a huge fucking fan of both groups, so maybe if you're not approaching it from the same standpoint as me you'll get a little less out of it, but whoever you are I guarantee something on this tape will get you dancing in your chair like a retarded gibbon.

Here's my favorite mash-up as of late: Lil' Wayne's 'Hustler Muzik' vs. Been listening to a bunch of Rat a Tat since you posted this, and their hiphop remixes are good and all but I think their instrumental stuff is even better. Classics is a great LP. Agreed- their non-rap-cover albums are terrific. Different people listen to different music to put them into certain mindsets.

It so happens that I listen to hip hop whenever I have something important or work-related to prepare for. Job interview? How about some Jurassic 5 Performance review? Thanks for ruining my day. Seriously though, that's terrible. The fact that he's done so much awesome music and will now never reach a wider audience is a crime. Highly suggest checking out some of the stuff on his Metaphorical Music and Moda Soul albums. From MM From MS Arguably his best music was his work on the Samurai Champloo soundtrack, which he produced in addition to contributing his own instrumental work.

Probably my favorite song of his: Rest in Peace. That's what reminded me of The Cool Kids, not necessarily the sound but the mentality Anyway one of my favorite new rappers, Fashawn, released his newest mixtape today. Ratatat has some wicked hiphop remixes They are really great Been listening to a bunch of Rat a Tat since you posted this, and their hiphop remixes are good and all but I think their instrumental stuff is even better.

I love the shit out of 'Sixteen Years' by them. Got CCJames to thank too, he gave me the song. That video will probably come down soon.

Mac Miller - Matches ft Ab-Soul (Watching Movies with the Sound Off)

Here are some not-new songs that I am posting because I like them and I think you should listen to them: Okay I lied, this song is kind of new. Fuck Swizz Beatz Am I missing something? Is there some reason I should loathe this rapper, who I admit I've never heard of? Skip about a minute in. Pretty good, save for Fallon's terrible B. First release from a work-in-progress Madvillain album: Download link. Is Aesop Rock any good? I like this song, but don't know any of his other stuff. If you enjoyed that song I'd say check out some more of his stuff, because it pretty much all sounds exactly like that.

Anyway here's some music folks: J. Featuring Drake, Kanye, T. Freddie Gibbs Tomorrow if I'm bored I might post up a. The is a sort of thing you should do. How many releases has there been? Out of the post s stuff I've only heard Monster, Runaway and Power. Tracklist in no specific order: 'Power' - Kanye West feat. Music Remix ' - Consequence feat. Drake, Kanye West, T. I just listened through Enter the Magical Mystery Chamber and was blown away by this song. Criminology is one of my favorite songs and this comes at it from a completely different angle without losing any quality.

It's great how he took one of the mellowest Beatle's song and flipped it into an amazing chipmunk soul beat that matches Ghost and Rae's aggressive lyrics. Everything on 'The only color that matters is green' is pretty good. Also, since we're into mashups, here is my favorite mashup band: The White Panda All of their music is free at their website thewhitepanda. Props to you BondFiction, for showing me Freddie Gibbs. It's this collective from LA, there's like 10 of them and pretty much everything they release is absolute gold, they make all their own beats as well which is impressive considering they're all teenagers.

Some of the lyrics are quite twisted they rap about rape a lot leading to a few blogs dubbing them 'horrorcore'. They hate that. It was started by Tyler, The Creator who has been blessed with this proper fucking deep voice which just sounds unbelievably cool. I've posted a couple of their songs already in this thread, including what I still think is their best MellowHype - Chordaroy but now someone else has shown an interest in them I feel there is enough justification for me to do this. Also if you like any of this stuff a lot of it is free to download on the tumblr that BondFiction posted.

Ahahahahhahahahaaaa I'm enjoying reading Tyler's twitter feed after he met Bieber. Like, For A Good Seconds. Damn' 'The Fucking Biebz! Swagggggggggggggggggg To The 10th. I love Tyler so goddamn much.

Mac Miller | Discografía | Mediafire | ~ Producto Ilícito

Here's the 29 minute version requires Hulu account. The dance-off at the end had me laughing so hard I physically hurt. Full cast list. S respective mixtapes. It's fantastic. Good fucking choices all around. Int'l players anthem is one of my favorite hip-hop songs of all time. I'ma pop dat posse now girl, kimbo price edition p. The BET ignorance awards were this week and basically the only good thing to come of them were the cyphers, as per usual.

DJ Premier on the boards for all of them. Big K. I don't like it. I mean, it's probably his best work yet, but I just can't get behind Donald Glover as a rapper. The guy is a very talented producer, he's got an eclectic bunch of samples and a great ear for beats. But the subject matter does nothing for me and I can't stand his style whatsoever.

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Thankfully he's gotten better about the punchline rap since his earlier EPs and expanded his focus a little, but if I hear any more fucking songs like 'Bonfire' from him I'll probably assassinate him myself. See, an example I heard just now 'I'm doing me like a gyno chick. Bleh, whatever. Should I go to sleep or listen to the new Yelawolf album.?

You probably best remember Asher Roth as the guy who loved college, and you probably remember how much that song sucked. Anyway he's got a new mixtape out with production handled mostly by Blended Babies, who despite the stupid name are pretty great. Also the rapping is good. Asher as of late has basically reinvented himself as the lost white member of The Cool Kids. This is nice, not as consistent as the Cool Kids' stuff but I agree.

Chuck Inglish's two tracks are two of my favourites on there, but I'm a fanboi so. It features some live instrumentation and it's great. El-P produced this track featuring a few southern rap legends. And then out of nowhere today, Kendrick Lamar and Maybach Music's Gunplay released this 7 minute magnum opus. No idea if this is from Kendrick's upcoming album or what but it's completely out there and totally fucking amazing. It's from like october. Don't know how i never listened to it but good lord it's dope.

Grief pedigree by ka. Yeah i gave it a spin earlier, it's fantastic. Rivals 'im gay' for one of his best releases since like, red flame. It's interesting how lil b explores different styles and concepts with each release, it makes for consistently entertaining listening. It seemed like on this tape he was mostly going for a lyrical mids new york rap feel but with his signature stream-of-consciousness.

Plus the production's as great as ever, 'glourious basedgod' is a standout. On this tape he was mostly going for a lyrical mids new york rap feel but with his signature stream-of-consciousness Totally. Secret Obsession blew me away in terms of it's structure. It's all chopped up and staccato but with a fluid and coherent story.

Also laughed pretty hard at the cats skit: 'Ayo B got any adopted cats for sale? Before God's Father, it was pretty much dominating my headphones. I was unaware that existed, the last main attrakionz release i have is 's and dark grapes II'. Any releases by them i need to have? I've also got 'main attrakionz hip-hop' and 'best duo ever: the greentape'. That's one of those groups that's hard to figure out what's officially part of their discography because they have so much music floating around here's a new track called 'can't you see' by a.

Along with Danny Brown they're my favourite thing happening in hip-hop at the moment. One of their qualities is how damn prolific they are with their releases so the list of stuff you should get hold of is pretty long but it's so goddamn good. These two in particular are worth getting hold of.

Shady Blaze is a fucking unreal rapper, dude double times with ease. So the Odd Future Volume 2 tape leaked and it's fucking brutal. Full of jazzy and bass-cracking posse cuts. Love Nardwuar interviews but sometimes I wish he would do follow-up questions instead of sticking to his scripted stuff. It's always entertaining to watch how artists react to the obscure facts he finds but he rarely gets into why those facts are relevant.

Like, what was the story behind Canine and Lamar? They were obviously classmates but how did they get into rapping? Was it just playground freestyles? Do they still stay in touch? It's great and all for Nardwuar to flex that he knows this tiny bit of information but it's worthless for the viewer if all Lamar does is confirm that this small fact is true. Has anyone been listening to the Big K.

Mixtape, 4eva n' a day? I know I'm late to the party but it's gotta be the most life-affirming hip-hop this side of Based music. I thought 4evanaday was alright. It wasn't quite on the level of Returnof4eva and I think the problem was that a lot of it just felt like wheel-spinning. There's some great tracks on there but then most of rest of it sounds like too much generic 'intelligent trunk music'.

His production is great, but not when it all blends together. Anyway I've been listening to a lot of this group Gorgeous Children today. They're producer Gila Monster and rapper Face Vega. Oh my god yo the beat on that motherfucker is nuts. I'm also downloading this at the moment, hopefully it's good. Most Mishka NYC releases are. Clicked on that clip and saw they had a Suspiria single in the side bar!? Man, I can get behind that. Do they have a mixtape or album out? As far as i can tell they only started releasing music recently, i think they have a tape coming soon.

I'll peep that antwon stuff later prolly. Anyway, without further ado, kendrick lamar's first single from his major label debut featuring dr fucking dre Man, I've really tried hard to get into K. But for whatever reason, I just can't. I don't know why.

Mac Miller Watching Movies With the Sound Off #Album #Leak #NewMusic

I recognize the technical mastery, the kid's incredible and is really on some next level ish, I get that. He effortlessly implements a wide variety of meter and cadence within a verse and I can see how it can be engaging for the listener; like the second verse of this single is a perfect example and it's fucking fantastic but of his two albums I've listened to, OD and. With that said though, this is a really promising single and it's probably gonna be stuck in my head tomorrow and I'm gonna regret making this post.

Man, I've really tried hard to get into K. I recognize the technical mastery.

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  4. If there's one valid complaint that I could see leveled against him it's that his music can devolve into cheesy hooks or preachiness at times. Honestly my first couple playthroughs of all three of his post 'K-Dot' releases didn't leave much of an impression. But the more patience I gave his music the more rewarding it became. His subject matter is honestly not what I usually go for but then I focus on his emotion and delivery and how well his verses are written and I'm blown away.

    On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, this could probably be in the guilty pleasures thread because I can't stop bumping it: Ugh oh my god. The sub-rack city beat and Iggy's horrible southern affectation. Her faux-queen bitch attitude. I should hate this song but it's so oddly addictive. Everything about Iggy Azalea makes her seem like she's some sort of strange Australian alien who read a book on how to be a female hip-hop artist, that she follows step by step.

    Now Grand Hustle is giving her a huge push because of the novelty act that she is, a really hot white girl who i guess technically can 'rap'. Although I really like the tension on the beat created by the charging camera flash sample, thought that was pretty neat. Have you heard any interviews with her? With that said, the producer for this single was Bei Major who just released a new mixtape several days ago. Dudes, pretty much coke zero compared to The-Dream but some tracks are Pepsi level. Thank god for flocka i guess? His verse along with the modified beat were the best part.

    He lays down some creative rhymes and really interesting turns of phrase. If you've never listened to DZA I'd start elsewhere prolly with 'The Hustlers Catalog' but he's steadily improving as a rapper and has some kooky punchlines every now and then Young Roddy - Good Sense Good ear for beats, smooth playthrough. As a rapper, he's fairly generic. But he can craft a good song and a couple joints on here definitely go.

    Oh man, thanks for the tapes! It's gonna give me plenty to listen to over the week. I imagine that I probably got distracted by Busta Rhymes lookin' like a soccer Dad with his sweatshirt, like after this cypher, he's gonna go coach a little league practice or something. Just found out the producer goes by the name of Vin Skully from the west-coast group Styles of Beyond. Is it just me or does big beat seem to be trending this week? I mean Mercy, Theraflu, and now, I Beez in the Trap: Also, don't forget Bieber's latest single, 'Boyfriend', also has a big beat production style: Also, why does Bieber's beat seem to explore the track's space more then Nicki's?

    Is it just me? Or am I just a dummy? You can thank Hit Boy for all that. Also, can I mention how much I love that Bieber song? He's seriously starting to sound like Timberlake now that he's gone through puberty. By the way somehow I forgot to post T. S new radio single: This probably won't be as big as anything on Paper Trail seriously, remember the run he had with that album? His singing isn't corny enough to weigh the hook down, and I love the fuzzy guitars in the background.

    I'm surprised this guy doesn't have more fame attached to him. I'll be honest, I was kinda expecting something more progressive then a banger from 'Ye at this point but then again, it's probably just a single he's dropping for the hell of it. I mean it goes hard and I like it for that, I just expect more from him at this point. Maybe it's unrealistic though, I don't know. Gotta say though, my favorite part of that track is how you can still here that hunger in his voice. He's like the perfect example of how you can have everything but still not be happy and I don't think he's gonna be happy 'till he has the global popularity of M.

    And that shit's just not gonna happen unless he switches up styles and content. Seriously though, dude sounds like he'll never be satisfied and some sick part of me loves it. I love that single. I feel like it exemplifies Bieber's growth as an artist. My World 2. Kid's got a ton of talent, great character, and access to top producers like The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. I'm actually pretty excited for his new album. S new radio single This is like pretty radio perfect as far as hip-hop goes. Unaggressive, melodic, and positive, too bad that video is annoying.

    Some of the stuff makes you think even if a lot of it is kinda bob just being himself lol. U Tip Extensions I heard the bard described by its fans as essentially a scrappier wizard. Instead of studying ancient tombs and practising different techniques, they go out there and discover different spells from all sorts of different sources. And to me that just sounds like an atypical wizard. U Tip Extensions. I Tip extensions A man's testosterone levels can fluctuate throughout the day as his body regulates its production of sperm. But a woman's sex hormone levels fluctuate as part of her reproductive cycle, which takes about a month to complete.

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