Airplay icon not showing up on mac mini

5 Solutions to Fix AirPlay Icon Not Showing Up

Now pick up your iPhone and open the Control Centre by stroking upwards from the bottom of the screen iPhone 8 and older or wiping downwards from the upper right corner of the screen iPhone X and newer. The AirPlay button allows you to choose between output destinations for your audio, video or screen mirroring. Select one of the available AirPlay devices from the list by tapping it. The icons next to it TV or speaker icons tell you whether you can stream photos, videos or music from your iPhone.

In order to stream videos or photos from your iPhone to your Apple TV, first open the respective video or photo app.

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To stop the stream, simply tap the AirPlay icon again and select your iPhone. First open the Control Centre with a swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top iPhone 8 and older or swipe from the upper right corner of the screen to the bottom iPhone X and newer. Then tap the audio card in the upper right corner and select the output device for your music from the device menu. In addition to photos, videos and music, you can also transfer iPhone games to Apple TV and play them on the big screen.

What is AirPlay?

Launch the game app you want to broadcast. In the next window you can select your Apple TV in order to transfer the content. The Apple TV does not have its own browser for surfing the Internet. In this way, you can, for example, show friends websites you like to visit on your iPhone. To control the browser the iPhone is used as a touchpad.

First: Make Sure Your AirPlay Is Enabled on Your Apple TV

Then open the Airweb app on your iPhone. The browser and websites will now be displayed on your TV. Your iPhone, on the other hand, only shows the address bar, which you can use to enter a URL, and a grey area. The grey area serves as a touchpad, here you move the mouse pointer.

AirPlay Not Working? Easy Ways to Fix Your AirPlay Problems

And AirPlay icon should be on the menu bar on Mac. Network problem is the most common reason why you cannot find the AirPlay icon on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

How to Airplay iPhone iPad to Mac/PC

Make sure AirPlay-enabled devices are turned on. If AirPlay is off, toggle the button on.

Enable AirPlay icon in the menu bar on Mac. Also, ensure that your two devices are on the same Wi-Fi.

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Some users find the AirPlay icon shows up again after rebooting their devices. AirPlay could stop working when there is a Wi-Fi connection issue. Restarting Wi-Fi router helps to fix network problems. Just power off and on the router. Set your network to "Home or Work".