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Now I can only go left or right. It is less productive for me. I want a square grid back.

That made it easier to navigate. How can I assign separate wallpapers for each desktop without the use of a third-party App? In your snapshot it appears there is a different wallpaper on your previous desktop. System Pref.

Different Desktop Picture on Each Space - Mac OS X Hints

Desktop and Screen Saver 3. Choose a pic 4. Without closing S. Choose a pic. Life goes on… :.

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I like the swipe it feels very natural, but it would be nice to set the speed. Nobody found a defaults write for it yet I guess?? Name required.

  • OS X Lion: Fix Blank Wallpaper in Spaces.
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OS X Lion: Fix Blank Wallpaper in Spaces

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Skye says:. November 16, at pm. November 1, at am. October 26, at am. September 12, at pm. Cesar says:. September 10, at pm. Sarah says:. January 16, at am. Dave says:. With one hand on the track pad and the other hand on the arrow keys, quickly swipe to each desktop.

How To Set One Wallpaper For All OS X Desktop Spaces At Once

As the System Preferences window appears on each desktop, press the left then the right arrow key. I don't know if this thread is dead, but I'm having some problems with Spaces Desktops in Lion and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Here's my situation: I created 7 Desktops Spaces and assigned about thirty apps to the different Desktops. I usually have about 15 apps running at once, not all Then I assigned a different Desktop background to each Desktop.

However, when I leave Mission Control, each Desktop shows the same background. When I type Control-left arrow or Control-right arrow to move to a different Desktop, that Desktop's specific background flashes for a second, but then goes back to the same background. As for which background seems to be the one that is the same that is, appears as the background of all Desktops : if I change the background of any Desktop, then that changed background image is what appears as the background for all Desktops.

Again, the backgrounds still look fine in Mission Control. I tried restarting my Mac to see if that would help. It didn't. In that case, because I hadn't changed any of the Desktop images, the background image from Desktop 1 is what's showing for all the Desktops. Either I'm doing something wrong, or there's a bug, which would seem odd since it's a glaring problem. If you have any suggestions, they would greatly appreciated.

How to Change Your Desktop Background in Mac OS X

What you describe is happening here as well. It worked fine earlier, but after returning to my computer it insists on showing the picture for Desktop 5 for all desktops, after flashing the correct picture for a second when switching. Loren, hi. I found out that my problem had to do with a software program called Path Finder.

If you are using Path Finder then you need to change one of its settings. I can't remember which one, but I can check if you are using Path Finder. If you're not using Path Finder then I don't have a solution. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. Lion allows you to set a different desktop picture in each space.

Then enter Mission Control, drag System Preferences to another space, and go to it. Change the desktop picture here, and you'll find it only affects the current space. And these changes are maintained between restarts, even if you choose not to 'Reopen windows when logging back in. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. The wallpapers do not persist if you remove a space and later re-add it however.

This is absolutely true. In Lion, spaces and their desktop pictures are identified by UUID s internally, rather than by number or by position on a grid. Thus, it loses your fancy picture choice. Really the only solution is to not go around deleting spaces, unfortunately. Is there a quick way to apply it to all spaces? What about the default for new spaces? While I haven't found a quick way to apply the same picture to multiple existing spaces, you could Set the desired picture in the first space, Remove all subsequent spaces, and Add the spaces back in.