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What if graphic artists on a shoestring could simply use their iPads, at a fraction of the cost and with glorious portability?

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Astro-HQ wants to make that possible with software that transforms an iPad into a Mac graphics tablet. Their product, Astropad , consists of companion apps for Mac and iPad. With the apps installed, the tablet links to the computer via Wi-Fi or a syncing cable to become a touchscreen editing surface for just about any Mac-based graphics program. Astropad unifies the iPad and Mac screens into one mirrored interface, with the tablet typically zoomed in to a portion of a work area that is shown in its entirety on the Mac.

You can zoom and pan on the tablet to move around a graphics project in progress, glancing over to the Mac screen for reference. You can zoom in with controls on the Mac or on the iPad. Customized Photoshop controls work well out of the gate, including a floating pallette with Adobe-specific tools on the right side of the iPad screen.

First look: Astropad turns your iPad into a graphics tablet for your Mac

But the developers say the commands also work fine with other Mac graphics programs, and you can customize them as needed. Some styluses incorporate pressure sensitivity, which is important since iPads do not natively build in this capability the way pro graphics displays do. Astropad even lets you program the buttons on such styluses for specific functions. The developers are crossing their fingers at rumors of an imminent Apple-branded stylus , as well, since they think that would help put their apps on the map.

So would a much-rumored inch iPad Pro, they believe. The developers focused on image quality, so designers and artists can zoom way in when working on their images. Astropad is not an entirely new idea. Rival apps such as Air Stylus and Limner provide similar capabilities. But Astro-HQ claims superiority over competing apps in a few key ways. Pen holder: The pen holder design is simple and intelligent, can be placed horizontally or vertically, and the pen tip still has enough space for storage. With a x HD resolution , the Display stand: can be used with the cintiq13 HD plane on the desktop, or with the built-in display stand in three different angles.

Easily access your shortcuts with four time-saving, customizable shortcuts, rocker rings. In addition, the Pro Pen dynamically changes the size of the brush and the weight of the line with simple pressure and angle changes. Monet Pen allows for pen pressure sensitivity of levels, so you will always experience amazing levels, detailed brushstrokes and realistic artistic gestures. Two modes are available, the easel is used for active use when you draw and the gallery is used for passive use display only. Screen protector: pre-installed on the screen, matte processing, giving you the texture of paper.

With a inch active area and x resolution, the Ugee B graphics monitor will do your job of sketching, painting, designing and editing. Help you find the most comfortable working angle, you can adjust the color, temperature and contrast; this possibility is unlimited.

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Quite frankly, no other traditional tablet can do this except for Wacom MobileStudio Pro. It is made of high-quality aluminum and fiberglass, which is smaller and has a larger screen size.

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In addition, it uses Bluetooth 4. Simban PicassoTab is the first affordable Android drawing tablet with an active pen and palm rejection feature that lets you quickly sketch ideas and take notes in class. Even with Skype, the built-in microphone and 2 megapixel front camera work flawlessly. Your email address will not be published.

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  • Creativity;
  • Skip to content. Whether you are a beginner or a professional designer, drawing tablet is one of the rare tools. High sensitivity 12mm: It can recognize various tiny drawing actions. Natural painting experience pressure sensitivity PPS reporting rate, LPI resolution: fast recognition, good display.

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    Cursor needs to be calibrated. Affordable Good customer support The stylus does not need to be charged.

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    No screen. The stylus does not need to be charged 11 mm slim design Customizable shortcuts Suitable for left and right handed users. Without adjustable bracket The screen has a slight parallax. Powerful and cost-effective High quality manufacturing Multifunction. Strong compatibility Can be set to left and right hand users 10 customizable shortcuts Embedded signal interface. The edge of the screen is not precise enough The bracket needs to be screwed in and out every time it is used. HD display X , wide viewing angle Rendering Small screen size.

    Strong compatibility 7 customizable quick buttons Upgrade is simple. Does not support tilt A little parallax. Good quality High sensitivity Bluetooth wireless options. Small screen.